Birchwood Glen Owners Corporation
A Cooperative Community

Annual Shareholder Meeting Results

The Annual Meeting of shareholders was rescheduled and took place on Wednesday, August 2. A quorum was reached and the election was held, the results follow.

Board Member Election

                                          * Rhea V. Angell                          46,789  Elected

                                          * Marilyn Jordan                          29,282  Elected

                                          - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

                                             Arthur Hotaling                         22,344

                                             Toni Ann Riedel                        22,315


In accordance with our By-Laws, the Board convened after the Annual Shareholder Meeting and elected the officers of the Board.  The following listing consists of all Board Members and their positions.


                  Daniel Weynand                       President                                                         

                                         Michael Shannon                    Vice President                

                                         Rhea Angell                             Secretary                      

                                         Robert Iadanza                        Treasurer

                                         Janine LaGrega                       Director

                                         Marilyn Jordan                         Director

                                         Shawn Miller                            Director


The Board of Directors thanks you for your support and pledges to remain on a course of continual improvement for Birchwood Glen.


The vote count for the amendments to the by-laws achieved a quorum, thus allowing the actual Special Meeting for by-law changes to take place.  However, a by-law change that is proposed by the shareholders must be ratified with a vote representing a 66 and 2/3 of all of the shares issued by the cooperative.  The total votes received did not reach this threshold, so the proposed by-law changes will not take effect.


Our governing documents also provide the Board of Directors with the authority to change the by-laws.  In the near future, the Board of Directors will be reviewing the prospect of altering the by-laws as per the proposed amendments.


The winners of the $100 gift cards are:

Joan Cipriani Unit A24, Gerry Degen Unit C7, John Chester Unit C23, Larry Lasnik Unit G40  



House Rules

The house rules are a necessary part of coop life. They are put into effect so that residents in our community are provided with a code of conduct that will foster an environment of courtesy for everyone. Although most residents here have probably signed the acknowledgment of house rules which became a part of the purchase application several years ago, it may not actually mean that you read them. Well, just as a driver may claim ignorance of a newly installed stop sign, ignorance of the 'house' rules is not an excuse. As shareholders we are bound by these rules. We ask that you take a few minutes review the rules.Then abide by these rules. The rules are not designed to hinder, but essentially to ensure that we all are considerate of each other and the property.  

The House Rules are located on the Documents & Forms page. 






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