Birchwood Glen Owners Corporation
A Cooperative Community

2018 Annual Meeting Summary

The Birchwood Glen Annual Shareholder Meeting was held on May 22, 2018. The requisite number of shares necessary to conduct an annual meeting was exceeded. The Board of Directors provided updates citing the following. The winter weather took a toll on the irrigation system causing many breaks in underground sprinkler lines. Numerous repairs were needed to get the system fully functional.  The repairs were, and continue, to be handled by our maintenance crew.  The Board and Management are making a concerted effort to improve the aesthetics of the property. We will be consulting with a landscape designer to obtain information on improving the entrance into the property. There will also be focus on the grounds, in terms of adding topsoil and seeding bare areas. Building facades will also be power washed.  Approximately 7700 square feet of concrete walkway will be replaced throughout the community.  Areas where water collects or concrete deterioration has occurred will be addressed. The effort will not stop there, we will be calling on shareholders to do their part and store personal belongings appropriately after use instead of leaving them on common property.   A large-scale project will involve seeking out bids to perform restorative work within underground vaults that house both electrical and water supply lines. A recent development that has come about is the need to replace the auxiliary power generator in the wastewater treatment plant. The plant must be fully operational at all times, so a generator is required in order to provide electrical power in the event of utility power loss. An in depth review of the cooperative’s financial status was provided.

A group discussion took place in which shareholders voiced concern about several topics, including the need to remove trees in certain areas, flooding on some walkways, suggestions for alternatively designed trash dumpsters and house rules infractions.       

2018 Election Results for the Board of Direct

Loretta Sarnicola           46,058   Elected – 3 Year Term

Janine LaGrega              43,897   Elected – 3 Year Term

In accordance with our By-Laws, the Board convened after the Annual Shareholder Meeting and elected the offices of the Board.  The following list consists of all Board Members and their positions.

 Daniel Weynand                          President  

            Michael Shannon                       Vice President      

Eileen Corbett                            Treasurer  

Loretta Sarnicola                        Secretary 

  Janine LaGrega                          Director       

     Marilyn Jordan                            Director         

On June 22, 2018, Indira Nelson was appointed to serve as a member of the Board of Directors. Realizing that we did not have a full board consisting of seven members, Indira submitted a letter volunteering her services. After due consideration, the Board accepted her offer and appointed her to serve. Her term will expire in 2021.  

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