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Birchwood Glen Owners Corporation
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2022 Annual Shareholder Meeting Update

 The meeting took place on September 21, 2022. A quorum was reached thus making the meeting ‘official’ and permitting the board of director election to proceed. All board members were in attendance as well as corporate counsel, Mark Schneider, Property Manager Harry Seid, Accountant Jerry Rosenberg. Board president Dan Weynand provided an update of activities that have taken place or are underway in 2022.

Concrete walkway replacement is nearly complete. The project was carried out over a three year period, cost is $595,000. The remaining work is in ‘A’ court, which will be addressed after roofing replacement is completed.  To date, roofing replacement has been completed in C, E, F, G and H courts. D court is in progress, A and B Courts will be started shortly. The cost of the roofing project is $1.49 million.

In the spring the playing surface in the playground and dog park was replaced with an engineered wood fiber product. This product is manufactured, not simply wood chips that will break down quickly. It is designed to provide a safe, durable play surface and good water drainage after rain.

Other activities that have taken place are mechanical cleanout of storm drains, routine maintenance and repair of the domestic hot water system as well as the heating system. Our maintenance staff was kept very busy with seasonal work over the summer as well as ongoing duties consisting of outdoor painting, patio door repairs, laundry room, gym and restroom cleaning, general property upkeep and shareholder work orders.

Jerry Rosenberg, in independent accountant reviewed the annual financial statement.

Treasurer, Dina Marino provided a summary of account balances inclusive of operating, tax account, and reserve accounts. A listing of containing a breakdown of costs on a per share basis was distributed.

Secretary, Loretta Sarnicola provided an overview of sales activity for the years 2021 and current activity to date in 2022. She also reported on upcoming changes based an a new contract with laundry equipment provider, Hercules and the New York State, 2022 Homeowner Rebate.

Bobby Iadanza, reported on the Altice cable and data services contract.

Election results were announced Dina Marino was re-elected to the board and Thomas Fealey was newly elected.
The board expressed it’s thanks to Marilyn Jordan for her service to the board and community over the past 18 years.

The following list consists of current Board Members and their positions.

  Daniel Weynand                         President    

Loretta Sarnicola                  Vice President 

Dina Marino                               Treasurer  

Indira Nelson                             Secretary  

  Janine LaGrega                          Director       

Robert Iadanza                           Director     

 Thomas Fealey                           Director      

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