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Birchwood Glen Owners Corporation
A Cooperative Community

2021 Spring Update

The board is in the process of scheduling the Annual Meeting. In order to hold a meeting that is safe for our residents and observant of the state rules for group gatherings, there are logistics that must be worked out. We will keep shareholders advised as information becomes available.   

In addition, we are planning a very ambitious schedule for the spring and summer. Power washing and painting of terraces is underway, parking lots will be striped. Replacement of concrete walkways not previously addressed will be completed and replacement of roofs will start.  

We ask residents to do their part to keep the property clean. Place trash in dumpsters, not along side of them. Crush or fold cardboard boxes before placing in dumpsters. Keep areas around your front doors and terraces neat. Clean windows, front doors and storm doors. Replace storm doors if needed, doing so according to community guidelines. (Storm doors are the responsibility of the shareholder.) Pick up your pets waste. Walk your pets in designated areas only, these are Glen Hollow drive, parking lots, or outside of the community. Pets are not to be walked throughout the courts either on walkways or at the rear of other units. Your anticipated cooperation is appreciated.   

The following list consists of current Board Members and their positions.

  Daniel Weynand                         President    

Marilyn Jordan                    Vice President 

Dina Marino                                Treasurer  

Loretta Sarnicola                       Secretary  

  Janine LaGrega                          Director       

 Indira Nelson                              Director     

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